David Geer

Geer Communications

Freelance Technology Writer, Journalist

Offering blogs, articles, features, and ghostwriting.



I write about technology and cybersecurity for trade and business publications, and the occasional consumer magazine.

Content Marketing

I offer content marketing and brand journalism.


  • "David Geer is a knowledgeable technology writer who cares very much about getting things right. He delivers accurate and well-written pieces and is ready and willing to make edits as needed. He is also aware of the newest technology trends and is ready to research and send new story ideas."

    Sheri Masters

    - Managing Editor at Pace Communications

  • "I count on David's queries, expertise and timeliness to provide great technology content to our highly educated readers."

    Laura Hammond

    - Director of Communications, Editor at PracticeLink

  • "David is smart, collegial and a talented wordsmith. I'm happy to recommend him as knowledgeable in things computer related and as a versatile journalist."

    Jennie L. Phipps

    - Writer, Editor, Specialist in Personal Finance and Retirement

Clients include IDG, TechTarget, media companies, and organizations that use cybersecurity and technology content.


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